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Girls Power (Hora Mandrelor)

Girls Power (Hora Mandrelor)

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This is not a Scarf! It’s a consciously chic statement.

The fabric used for these scarves had to match these amazing personalities that it represents, and that's why it is a sustainable fabric made 100% of pure silk, naturally hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and a natural temperature regulator.

Plus, it pairs with almost any outfit! However you decide to style your silk scarf, you'll be looking as chic as you are eco conscious.

Four styles for all the four extraordinary women depicted on the scarf are available:
*** Ana Aslan - a renowned Romanian biologist and physician who some say managed to defeat time, as she discovered the anti-aging effects of procaine, which she used to create the drugs Gerovital H3 and Aslvaital. The brand she created, Gerovital, is still being used today.

*** Smaranda Braescu - the queen of heights as she was known, In 1928, she became the first Romanian woman to ever obtain a parachuting license, and one of the first women in the world to do so.

*** Sarmiza Bilcescu - a woman who “broke” the rules of her time. Born in 1867, she attended the law school in Paris and was the first European woman ever to obtain a license and a Ph.D and Europe’s first woman attorney

*** Queen Maria - an icon for the Romanian royalty, she was the queen that made the golden dream of the Romanians to become a reality. She fought like a real warrior that she was, she loved with the soul of an artist and she nurtured her country like a caring mother.


Inspired by La Blouse Roumaine, reimagined by Anakhora, this silk scarf is a real treat to your skin. Feels like magic, makes you believe in magic again.

Ethically sourced & made in Romania and created with love and care for the planet and its people.
Made from pure silk and printed using permanent reactive inks that bond with the cell of the fibre.
8mm 100% silk habotai.
Machine rolled baby hem that provides a durable yet delicate edge finish for your silk habotai scarf.
Comes with a gift box.

How to take care of it:
Machine or hand wash in cold water with ¼ cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt. Fill the washing machine with water (no ecocycle). Machine dry delicate or hang to dry. Can be ironed using the silk setting. Do not bleach. Can be dry-cleaned.

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