How can Art Prints become your secret ingredient this fall?

Fall Vibes are back


By now you’ve probably heard about the newest trend in decorating, the color wheel. You know, the one that says that every color is a representation of a certain emotion. And for me, fall is all about the rich, deep colors of the changing leaves and the crisp, cool colors of autumn.

But what about the prints that are so popular right now?  Prints plus color wheel-driven designs. This is where the magic happens.

pop art mixed media figurative bohemian painting fall art print

I have been creating my own prints since I was a little girl. I don’t know how I’ve managed to get away with them for so long, but a big thank you to my mom for always letting me use her old photo albums and for teaching me how to do it.  I still have some of my old prints hanging in some corners even today.

I’m not going to lie, when I started to make prints out of my own original paintings, it was not the same as when I was a little girl, though.

Modern_chic_living_room_interior_with_long_sofa (4)

Making art prints that were meant to show the same depth and vibrant message that I was intending through my paintings was a lot of trial and error at first. But I’ve finally got the hang of it. 

The most important thing I learned is to use as many different techniques as I can to get the depth and rich color that I want in my prints. I think my prints have become more true to me and my style as I’ve used more and more techniques.

Here’s what I use to get my fall colors in full force. It is not a secret recipe, but it is a great starting point for your own fall decor.

Firstly, I use a lot more than just the paper art print. I usually start with a light acrylic gel to make sure I add personal brush strokes to every art print, trying as much as I can to retrace the initial brushstrokes of the painting. These particular steps do give the prints a special feeling of being a mini original piece on its own and make it stand apart from a regular art print. 

Business_lunch_room with abstract vibrant art

I also add textures into my prints using old-school techniques like a mix of gouache, oil pastels, pencils, and even a little bit of watercolour on top of the art prints to enhance already existing patterns or even add new ones. I love using this technique because it gives texture and depth. 

When I’m done, I add a little touch of gold leaf to the edges of the prints or to some spots that I want to enhance to give them a little extra shine. And when it comes to fall, a little gold leaf is always nice, especially when it is added to the edge of a print.

fall vibes art print
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artist abstract wallet zipper

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