body positivity through art or how to love thyself

Body positivity and loving thyself is a matter of choice and it can be brought up through art, for all of us, by each of us.

Body positivity through art

How we feel in our bodies is not just about a shape or form. It is about how we carry our shape and form in the world. We, especially women, have this idea that our bodies have to be perfect and defined by standards that are crafted by media from a very limited range of models, and even those are most of the time artificial and fake.

mixed media oil painting with female nude and abstract flowers in vibrant pop colors
Body positivity through art

Many of us have scars to show, some are more obvious and on the outside, impregnated in our skin, some are even deeper, impregnated in our souls, from the many experiences, hurts, losses, trials, connections, outbreaks that we have. We need to stop being ashamed of our scars, no matter how deep they are. We are always given the choice, through our faith and with God always on our side, to transform all our scars into rebirths. Just like a flower blooms only from a little bud, just like a rose has thorns that appear first, in the same manner, our bodies have a story to tell. Our story.

“Don’t let your mind bully your body.”

What makes us special is not fitting in a certain standard and rules, it’s our unique story and the way we carry, treasure and grow our story in front of the world.

oil mixed media painting nude
Body positivity through art
“Bloom” – Fine Art Print

We do not have to be perfect for anybody else, but ourselves.

Our journey is one of transformation, of change, and of growth through this life. God’s message for us is to always believe and continue to grow. In faith, in love, in strength.

“If God is with for, who is against us?”

grace abstract figure female with flowers painting
Body positivity through art

In a world where the standard of beauty has become more and more artificial, we need models and reminders to rise into loving ourselves again, into taking care of our own bodies and carrying them with grace and gratitude.

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