About Intimacy

Some people believe that intimacy is about s3x, about the physical connection between two beings.

I believe that intimacy is also about Truth, about lying naked in front of each other, with all your hopes, dreams, and hard truths and knowing that you are safe, understood, loved.

True intimacy comes with an open heart, with a lot of vulnerability and openess. And from it transpires all the rest: giving, receiving, being a craddle of wishes fulfilled for each other, growing as a human being to extends you wouldn;t believe possible before.

The same is with art. Art is just a mere expression of our souls and desires. We chose art with our hearts first. Only those who intend to solely make a profit out of art would chose by analysing the “how” of a piece of art. Those os us who chose art for what it transmits to us, for what we find in it, for how we find ourselves in it, we chose with our hearts.

There is a certain degree of intimacy one establishes with a piece of art, one that allows us to let some of our most personal feelings, thoughts, be expressed on canvas and exposed in front of our own eyes. And isn’t that the best way there is to look at art, as an intimate relationship with our own soul?

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  1. I am very grateful to you for the information. I have used it.

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