5 Ways to Make Your Artwork STAND OUT

Artwork can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or office. Beautiful and unique wall art makes the interior happening and welcoming. You do not need to buy a new art to update the interior. With your creativity, you can make your existing artwork truly stand out.

5 ways to decorate your space without buying new art. Interior luxurious decoration with a pink couch, light and abstract flowers painting framed.

To help you, here are a few tips that can make your artwork look way more attractive and impressive. Take a look!

#1 Resize the Wall Art Frame According To Your Room

pop art mixed media figurative bohemian painting with an abstract pattern

If you have a little piece of art, but you want to hang it on the wall of the living area, then consider resizing it.

By adding a large frame to the existing art print, you can increase the size of your beautiful wall art. The newly framed art piece will look good on a large wall and will also increase the aesthetic appeal of the living room. Further, expanding both the mat and frame size will improve the potency of the artwork while taking up more visual space on the wall.

There are plenty of ways to extend the look of your artwork. You can even consider adding a frame to paintings on canvas to make them seem more substantial.

#2 Match the Wall Paint with Your Artwork Color

semi abstract nude figurative painting framed on a purple wall in a luxurious decor
portrait of dog in pop colours painting wall art framed luxurious interior

Another way to make existing artwork look more impressive is to match or compliment it with the wall color. You can repaint the wall of the room where you want to hang your artwork according to its color.

For example, if your wall art is red, choose white or neutral colors for your wall. It is because the light and dark shades complement each other, and it will highlight your artwork too.

On the other side, if your existing wall art is of light color, choose dark hues for your wall to make the artwork look stunning on the wall. However, you can also choose the same hues for the wall as your artwork with little difference in shade like in the example above.

#3 Combine the Artwork with Other Art Pieces

abstract art in multiple sizes framed on a neutral well lightened wall

Consider hanging your main wall art with other art pieces of different sizes to create a cluster of artwork.

This is a good strategy, especially when you want to make one piece of art look more powerful and potent. It not only makes the wall look impressive but will also create an amazing gallery wall that takes the interior to the next level.

Choosing similar types of art pieces to highlight your artwork is best when it comes to the art cluster.

#4 Add Lighting To Existing Artwork

whales galaxy painting in a bathroom decor luxurious interior wall art design

Adding picture lights to an artwork is also a great way of making it look more impressive. You can hang pendant lamps to both sides of wall art or can choose track lights for a soothing ambience.

Adding a natural source of light that casts its rays directly on your artwork can add an extra radiant effect to the entire room altogether.

luxurious interior design with a framed abstract flowers painting and a pink couch

Picture lights are available in many styles and shapes that you can use to increase the beauty of your wall art piece. The reflection of light can make art pieces like oil paintings and canvas prints more attractive as well as eye-catching.

#5 Change the Color and Shape of Your Existing Wall Art Frame

If you do not want to put any effort, then by simply changing the frame color you can update your artwork. For example, you can choose any bright color such as red, yellow, blue, green, or more glamourous options like golden shades for the frame.

You can also change the inner color of the frame margins and increase their size. Anything goes as long as you have fun with it. Sometimes, these small changes can put into focus your artwork even more.

mixed media oil pop art painting of a woman face and an orchid in semi abstract style and a luxurious interior design

From these tips, you can make your existing artwork look more impressive and and creative, plus it will update your interior in many ways.

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