3 Home Decorating Ideas to Inspire Your Own

Inspiration, inspiration, and more inspiration! Check out this article to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are 3  looks inspired by art and this year's color trends

We need a constant dose of inspiration in our lives, in order to thrive. They can come from different sources that shape our life and who we are. Once we have created it ourselves, that feeling of being fulfilled and at peace each day is priceless.

So ask yourself this: As you gaze up at your artwork, does it transport you to the beauty of your life? A glimpse of creativity acts as a catalyst to inspiration and the choice you make in decorating your space with art is one of the most important decision you will make in your home.

grace abstract figure female with flowers painting

A carefully chosen palette for your walls and artwork allows you to be inventive and rewrite your story through design. Your interiors can be layered, expressive and unapologetically individual.

Here are 3 looks inspired by art and this year’s color trends, that I hope will bring you inspiration and empower you to decorate your space in your own unique style effortlessly.

1 – Spice it up with a Playful Vibe

Use bold colors to make your interior pop! Create a playful contrast with themed colors for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. Create a playful contrast and your space will absolutely pop with fun and excitement. Use this color palette for more inspiration

modern playful 2022 living room vibrant bright colorful interior design wall art

2 – A Sense of Clarity

Comfort has a different meaning to everyone. Some would prioritize it in the home, while others would prioritise being surrounded by natural elements. We want to surround ourselves with cosy and cocooning pieces to help us relax and process the events of the past year. The sense of touch we’ve been deprived of is at the forefront of considered design. Having spent so much time on our devices, there’s a desire for a connection with the natural world.

bedroom modern art wall art

Every inch of your space can be decorated to be transformative. Soft neutrals and muted tones are calming and help bring mindfulness into your home.

This palette draws inspiration from nature in both its colors and design. It features colors like earth tones and neutrals, as well as pastels in 2022’s favorite color, veri peri. The design incorporates plant-like shapes for a galactic appearance.

3 – A feeling of Intimacy

It doesn’t matter if a transitional space is a guest room, playroom, or office – you need to find ways to MAKE IT YOUR OWN for whatever life throws at it. A new sense of liberation with every layer you peel back from the past.

Allow yourself to be inventive with your design when looking for a color palette. Use this flourishing mix to remind you of the rich and fascinating traditions found in different cultures around the world, found in each of us, the ever wanderers.

modern 2022 living room interior design wall art

In our homes, art tells powerful stories. The messages in artwork remind us of the experiences we’ve been through, remember the things we love, and all flow from a basic beauty that connects us to one another.

And because it\’s often what we hang on our walls that makes our space feel uniquely our own, I wanted to bring a diverse collection of wall art to the shop in the hope that you will find something here that you\’ll love, and that adds a renowned sense of beauty and meaning to your home.

pop art mixed media figurative bohemian painting


Do you think that the 2022 color trends are inspiring? The ideas are about starting something new, are these colors sparking thoughts for your own home remodeling projects?

Which look inspired you the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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